Why Visit South America

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the most of what our fantastic planet has to offer, then South America may very well be the place to visit. With some of the most beautiful national parks, charming towns, and exciting cities in the world, we made sure to include the best places to visit in South America for every type of traveler,from city slickers and foodies to adventure enthusiasts and thrill- seekers.

Galapagos Islands: These are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed on either side of the equator.

• Angel Falls, Venezuela: Salto Angel, also known as Kerepakupai to the Pemón tribe.

• Quito : The capital of Ecuador, also known as San Francisco de Quito.

• Guayaquil: Located on the west bank of the Guayas River.

• The Choco Bioregion Mashpi Reserve: It is a bio-region and important hotbed of diversity for the planet .

• Colombia: It is a country largely situated in the north of South America

• The White House: The official residence and workplace of the United States of America’s President.

• Yellowstone National Park : World’s first national park.

• The Napa Valley: It is part of Napa County situated north of the San Francisco Bay area.